What’s this blog about?

It’s A fundamentals focused model for understanding and employing marketing.

Written by, Mick Ó’Conchúir (Linkedin profile), smMarkting@standardmodelgroup.com.

What’s the Standard Model?

The  original standard model (OSM) is a particle physical theory that describes the fundamental building blocks of everything.  It is today what the periodic table of elements was when I was at school (I guess).  If you understand the OSM you understand what everything in the physical worlds is made of.  The theory is robust enough that it has even predicted the existence of particles before they have actually been discovered (eg Quarks if you must know).

So ….

In the same way the OSM describes the fundamentals of it’s own field and can be applied to all situations in that field, the StandardModel Marketing (smMarketing) is a model of the fundamentals of marketing.  If you understand smMarketing you will understand the fundamental building blocks of  marketing and hence be better able to conduct more effective marketing campaigns.  This can be applied to all situations in the field of marketing whether used extensively today or newly invented eg the fundamentals of marketing are the same whether you are working on a traditional marketing campaign or a digital one.

Basically ….

smMarketing is a fundamentals focused model for understanding and employing marketing.  Understanding and working within the context of the fundamentals, within the context of smMarketing is the route to better, more successful marketing.  So much so that if you are working on something and it is not about one of the 4 fundamentals highlighted here, stop!

This blog will explain the what, why & how of effective marketing.  It will do so through the lens of a full understanding of the marketing fundamentals.  There will also be some random praise & ranting about examples I come across.

Says who?

Mick, the author (that’s me, hello) has spent over 10 years studying marketing and working for the what is arguably worlds largest marketer – they certainly do the most marketing when measured by advertising spend.  The fundamentals are not news.  What this blog does is emphasise and explain them in a way that is different and most effective based on  the experience the decade ‘inside’ has given coupled with a very different, slightly cynical point of view.

Mick (@smMarkting)