Much more on this later but to start I’ll give a (very) brief outline.

  1. Consumer understanding.  Basically generate insights, insights are the essence of marketing.  Your brand, brand essence, usage is only what the consumer says it is, if they say it is something different to your strategy they are right.  ’Brand essence’ or ‘equity’ should always be referred to as ‘target essence’ or ‘target equity’ because it is only a target until ratified by the consumer.     Peter Drucker said “The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service … sells itself.”
  2. Ideas – as in campaign ideas, advertising ideas, the whole thing that Cannes claims  it is all about (excessively but correctly).  I’ve just said that insights are the essence of marketing but ideas are a close second.  This is especially important today where ideas seem to have been forgotten with the onslaught of Digital Marketing and the effective movement of media agencies in-house to the detriment of everything else in the marketing world.
  3. Quality of awareness.  How close to your target is the consumer impression of your equity/ essence, positioning, campaign idea, ad idea, key benefit.
  4. Trial.  There are two ways to grow a business 1. sell to new people & 2. sell more to the same people (volume or value).  Trial is  the first one.
  5. Loyalty.  The second one above.  This refers to brand loyalty so in FMCG it loyalty  most often means repeat purchase of the same product.  In slower moving goods it means purchase from the same brand – if they buy your skis do they buy your skiboots?
  6. Marketing ROI.  How marketing effects the bottom line & the it’s efficiency in doing that.