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the best laid plans

Have you ever tried to get a salesman to sell your product the way you want them to sell it? At central office, you devise your strategies, create your plans which succinctly and beautifully describe your current initiative or product launch. You launch your ‘baby’ into the market and then… well… you’re not quite sure… because when you go to observe your plan in action, it’s not really happening as you wanted it to.

Maybe, the materials are being used, but the salesman has found another way to sell your product (an entirely different benefit, or maybe just focussing on a promotional price). Maybe, it’s listed, but not really being recommended – because the salesman is too busy extolling the virtues of something else. Maybe it’s an fmcg and your point of sale never made it up, because the retailer doesn’t sully it’s aisles with brand messages, or because your media campaign happened 1 month before / after the in store promotions. Or maybe someone local took your plans, changed the colour and all the text (this last one actually happened to me 2 months into a new role in P&G).

So? What do you do? Well the answer is never simple, because it’s driven by people, culture and organisation… many of whom are not your own. However, out there, are fantastic new tools available which companies still are not using to help quick and easy access. Systems and processes which will help you monitor local adaptation executions BEFORE they hit the market. New methods proven to better engage 3rd party sales people to retain information and to advocate for your product. Simplifying what you are deploying by identifying the key 1-3 wins and removing EVERYTHING else to make it all really, really simple.

Interested? Have your own experiences? Let me know – I’d love to build some case studies up to detail more… @toniaOC

Originally posted here on Linkedin