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“It’s time we stopped talking ‘digital’ as a specialism and just expected it to be part of what we do as marketers.”

I just got asked if I had ‘digital’ expertise. It’s frustrating, because, let’s face it people, it’s just another set of media albeit, one that is broad and wide ranging. These tools range from dynamic to static, from complex to simple: so to lump all of these tools together as ‘digital’ is not exactly descriptive or does justice to your media plan.

As someone who has been actively working with these media since the late nineties, I would respectfully suggest that we should no longer focus separately on ‘digital’ as a bucket, which may have been useful while we were trying to get old-schoolers onto the band-wagon.  We are >15 years later and I think by now, we should be looking at this as one of the many tools available to us to execute a good communication strategy, depending on the needs and funds available to us.

I think a great example of this is how PR manages ‘digital’ as just another way to get their message across.  From the get go, they incorporated their messages and ‘content’ strategies which had existed offline into the online and social media environment, flexibly adapting the idea and executions across different end medias, be it journalists or bloggers, advertorials or website content.

Today, I would expect ANY marketer worth their salt to be using this set of media as part of their mix.  I would expect creatives to think in whole ideas with executions against various media and adapt the idea according to the media.  What worries me about this constant checking on ‘digital’ experience is that it assumes that people still aren’t using these tools in their mix.

Maybe there are many not using tools to their fullest potential, but I would expect this from a rapidly sophisticating area of development.  Here I expect the different specialisms to take the lead – a CRM/direct to consumer specialist to understand what is possible within database/instant marketing, or a shopper marketing specialist to understand in more depth the details of e-Commerce.

Only in this way will we be able to cope with complexities and not double up on all overheads.  We live in a modern world and as marketers we need to keep up with the times within what we do.  Not to create a mysterious ‘bucket’ which we can leave to others to be experts in.

Originally posted here by @toniaOC