Best Print: Hermes ‘Butterfly’

Hermes Buterfly print

Latest (July14) in a long line of great ads

There is some debate as to what is the most impactful TV ad ever.  For me this is it.  Aired once on behalf of the Lyndon Johnson US presidential campaign it turned his candidacy from a near certain loss to a win.  For background know that his opponent advocated giving launch control of nuclear missiles to Army Generals.



Insights are the essence of marketing – who has worked in any organisation and doesn’t recognise this?

Best tag line: “Made from beer”.

How do you run a global campaign with all the different cultural perspectives that are out there? This piece from Ogilvy Greece probably didn’t go down to well with the agency global leadership. As the poster says “This is an absolute train wreck. As soon as anyone at Ogilvy with half a brain sees it they’ll pull it so I have re-uploaded it here.”


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